How to take a perfect photo of your dog

If you are a dog lover, you already know they bring so much joy into our lives. They make us laugh, give us company, and are always there for us in all circumstances.

It’s tough to capture your dog's unbelievable cuteness with a camera. How can you take the good photos of your pet as the professionals do? Here are some points to consider when taking photos of your dog:

Keep your camera steady for sharp and shake-free shots

No one wants to have blurry pictures and the most common reason for them is camera-shake. This happens when you move the camera while taking your pet's picture. So, if you want to capture a sharp photo, keep your camera steady.

Let your furry friend get used to the camera

For a great picture, your dog should look natural and relaxed but a camera flash can disturb them. Make your furry pal get used to the camera before taking their pictures.

If you take pictures while your dog is playing and is busy with their toys, you might come away with something great.

Turn off the camera flash and use natural light

While taking pictures of your four-legged friend, avoid flash as it frightens your pet and causes red-eye. Use natural light for taking pictures by going outside at a time when there is good light. The time around sunrise and sunset work best. If you want to take pictures indoors, position them near a window in a well-lit room. 

Get down at your dog's level

If you want a great picture of your pet, one way is to get down to their eye level. Just sit down or take a knee or crouch to get eye-to-eye with your dog. If you just take pictures while standing up, you can't see the world as they see it.

Pay attention to background

Your furry friend will stand out in simple backgrounds. Sunsets, sandy beaches, and green trees are some great backgrounds for your dog. Avoid white background for white-coloured pets and black background for black coloured pets, and so on.

Show patience

If you get stressed while taking your dog's pictures, you won’t enjoy the photography session or maybe won't become satisfied with the results you get. You need to show a lot of patience during pet photography. With patience and tolerance, you will end up with a great shot. 


Be creative and playful

Dog closeups are always cute and fun. Try to be more creative and take pictures at various angles, compositions, or fill the frame with your dog's face.

Final Thoughts

Pets offer the long-awaited companionship and are a source of joy and comfort. All dog lovers must learn dog photography skills to take the best possible photos of your beloved furry pal. Good dog photographs result in good dog portraits. You can add a little colour to your life and create some timeless memories by getting fun-loving dog portraits. 

Express your innate love and affection with your dog in a creative way. We will help you get perfect pet portraits for your four-legged friend. Feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Pawprints Photo Taking!!!